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Our story

Shohojshop.com is an online shopping website made for your satisfaction. In this website, you will find all your necessary clothing that you need. This website has products for both male and female, but focuses mainly in the female clothing.

The most sold products from our online shopping website are the women undergarments, night dress, nighty, sexy nightybrapush up bra, sports bra, panty. The reason for these products to be sold mostly is that these are the products that are needed by almost every woman in Bangladesh. Many women find it awkward to go and buy these products in public because of their shyness. It is natural for a woman to get shy and feel very much uncomfortable to buy their innerwear in front of strangers who roam around the store of these products. In addition to this matter, another factor that concerns them is their privacy. Most women in Bangladesh are concerned about their privacy. Thus to protect it, they hide their real information while they order from online. Knowing all these factors, shohojshop.com comes with the best online shopping site in Bangladesh for women’s private necessary clothing. We respect the privacy of women, and thus we make sure that no information of our customers is passed on to some other parties. Our requirements for your online shopping are very simple. We only need your phone number, email and address where the product is to be delivered. For your convenience, we send the product through a courier service so that you can collect the product one it reaches the courier service of your city maintaining all the protocols of your privacy.

In shohojshop.com, you will find absolutely stunning designed salwar kameez and night dress. We offer the best fabric clothing for a woman because we know how much comfort means to you. Our night dresses are available in cotton for those who want to stay comfortable while they are at home. The Salwar kameezes are available in different fabrics, design, and sizes for your convenience. You will just love the exclusive designed products we have for you. You can wear our dresses in fancy parties and wedding giving you a royal look. Apart from exclusive salwar kameez, we offer exclusive innerwear for girls like bra and panty. The bra and panty that we sell are so comfortable that your will feel as if you are wearing nothing underneath your dress. All our products are available in very cheap price. We know how much value your earned money has to you, thus our products are cost effective and affordable. To save you from the hassle of going shopping in a busy market while travelling a lot of distance and sitting in the traffic under the scorching sun or wet rainy weather, shohojshop.com brings you the advantage of home delivery. A minimum charge is added to the delivery. If you don’t like the fabric or size doesn’t fit you, then just return the product instantly to the delivery guy. You can then choose your desired size and design from our variety of products that will both suit and fit you well.

So wait no further and order your desired product today and get the best products at the cheapest and hassle freeway. We guarantee that your will be satisfied to the core of your heart.

Website – http://shohojshop.com/
Facebook – facbook.com/sohojshop

Mobile: 01714092903; 01962677236 

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